Best Comics Readers

comic reader simulation.png

We conceived and designed Golem & Odd as a comic book first and foremost, and while printing G&O is our ultimate goal, we're perfectly happy releasing our book digitally. Here is a list of comics readers for iOS, Android, PC and Mac.



YACReader (Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS)

Solid all-around reader with a nifty library.

Simple Comic (Mac)


Chunky Comic Reader




Comic Screen

A no-frills, streamlined comics reader. RECOMMENDED for Android devices.

Perfect Viewer

Library and many display options, if you wish to highly customize your reading experience.


We welcome your comments. Which reader works best for you? Are any of these particularly awesome for reading Golem & Odd?


We are not affiliated with any of the developers of these apps and cannot accept responsibility for any issues related to the downloading of applications from external websites.