World building on a post-apocalyptic blank slate

“The possibility of paradise hovers on the cusp of coming into being, so much so that it takes powerful forces to keep such a paradise at bay. If paradise now arises in hell, it's because in the suspension of the usual order and the failure of most systems, we are free to live and act another way.” ― Rebecca Solnit, A Paradise Built in Hell

When the ideas that eventually became Golem & Odd were first germinating  — I believe the first coherent pitch was "Casablanca set in a post-apocalyptic underground city" — Chaim and I had an epiphany about why we like the post-apocalypse sub-genre so much: it’s a blank slate for building a fictional world, not just for us creators, but for the characters too. The familiar has been destroyed, and all of us are challenged to build something new together.

Good post-apocalyptic stories don’t rubberneck at the end of the world, they imagine radical transformation. The status-quo is replaced with the uncanny, and the characters have to cope or perish. In the case of Golem & Odd, the uncanny world is deep underground — and if our heroes are to survive, they’ll have to make up new ways of being human as they go along. So goodbye patriarchy, hierarchy, capitalism… that shit just doesn’t work underground!

What could a new society underground look like? Will it be a nightmare or a utopia? We’ll have to find out together.

Strange Valentine


I don't typically do fan art. Not out of a lack of appreciation for the form, but either I like something too much to want to do my own version, or I'm intimidated by the overabundance of technically superior tributes to any of the films, shows, or comics that I'd choose to render.

That being said, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and my lady love is abroad for a ridiculously long time doing something awesome. So, in the spirit of feeling upside down, I decided to rewatch Stranger Things and do this V-Day piece.

Happy Valentine's Day Denizens!


Work Work Work

Dear Denizens!

I'm happy to say that we're about 75% finished with the first issue, which grew from a planned standard 22 page single issue, to a double-length, pulpstravaganza!

For those of you wondering why this takes as long as it does...we, the creators, are a two man team responsible for writing, drawing, coloring, lettering, uploading, designing and site maintenance, and we both still have day jobs. In my case as a freelance illustrator, that sometimes means night jobs too. So, try as I might, I can't always crank out as many pages as quickly as I'd like. 

HOWEVER! While working on pages, we're still actively developing the plots, scripts and sketches of more GOLEM & ODD issues to come. 

So here's to you, our first fans! Thanks for your patience! Good things are coming down the...cave.